Womens Weekly Downsizing

Posted on 02nd Mar 2017

Sarah Gazard, Senior Community Living Advisor at MHA Wellesley Court

“For many people, retirement now lasts 30 years or more so it’s never been more important to make sure that the property you choose for your golden years is the right choice for you. If you’re thinking about moving to a new area, it could be a good idea to stay in a local B&B for a week to get a feel for what the location’s really like. And don’t be a tourist! Try and do things that the locals do so you can get a true idea of what living there would entail.

“Moving home is always an emotional experience, and this can be particularly true when moving away from a property you might have spent decades in. I always advise the retirees I work with to focus on their end goal when they’re feeling stressed or worried. Looking forward to being nearer to family, finally moving to a dream location or no longer having to manage the upkeep of a large property can all play a part in motivating you when you might feel overwhelmed.

“Family and friends are not your only source of help when downsizing. Specialist move management companies can help with every aspect of the move, from choosing which furniture to keep, right through to the physical move on the day and helping you to unpack and settle in. A good estate agent or property salesperson will also support you through the whole process at your own pace – downsizing is a big step and you shouldn’t feel rushed or pressured.”